"I am desirous of having an account-based relationship with StockHolding Corporation of India Limited / SHCIL Services Ltd (SEBI Registered Intermediary) and I have approached them for opening my Demat account and/or Trading Account and performing necessary KYC in this regard. I would like to perform Online/offline KYC as the case may be and submit other account opening details online/offline as per regulatory guidelines. Accordingly, I accord my voluntary consent for the same. I agree to submit my personal, contact, demographic and other information and documents herewith, which would be subjected to online and offline verification to validate my application. I agree to submit live photo and undergo in-person verification /video in-person verification as may be applicable. I accord my consent for fetching my records maintained in KYC Registry system, PAN records of ITD, UIDAI, my DigiLocker records etc. I agree to receive SMS / Emails from StockHolding Corporation of India Limited for facilitating my account opening and usage and other promotional messages."